Wood & Vinyl


Wall decoration for music lovers


The vinyl record is celebrating an amazing comeback and is considered as a timeless design object with retro charm. This inspired us to create extraordinary wooden wall pictures, with a holder for your favorite record. These creative collectors' items turn your record into a unique work of art and testify to highest design quality. The wooden picture is attached to the wall with spacers and the record is protected between two acrylic glass panes with a magnetic holder. With great attention to detail, we have created an elegant, high-quality wall decoration for everyone who not only likes to hear records, but also like to look at them.


How It Works...


You find your favorite artist in our shop and choose a motif from our collection.


You decide on an individual design and tell us your favorite artist or desired motif. Afterwards we'll create a customized design draft for you, which you can order in case you're happy with that.



Give your living space a unique character with 

 Wood & Vinyl Wall art. 

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Verleihen Sie Ihrem Wohnraum einen einzigartigen Charakter mit einer einer wunderbaren Harmonie aus Holz und Vinyl.


Wood & Vinyl

Our Bestseller.


Music history for your Living room